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Lost in the dream is a project dedicated to our experiences on the road. We made this blog to share our journeys with family and friends, and anyone else who might be interested. Some posts are written about travels we have embarked on together and other entries are of separate experiences. We love to collaborate with others and hope this will give anyone that’s interested an insight into what we’ve been up to recently. We are proud to say that all the photographs and words on this website are our own.

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We hope you enjoy our site!

About us


Ellen is a Kiwi born in Christchurch. She loves her home especially the South Island where she’s spent the last few years in Dunedin. That’s where I met her when I first travelled to New Zealand. She was finishing off her degree in Marketing Management and Psychology. I’ve always admired her photography, how she works with light and the way she edits. She’s taught me a lot about how to work with a camera. She loves running, climbing, skiing, surfing (if tandem better!), camping and sunshine. She’s a pretty good chess player too. I love how she’s really concerned about the environment around her and always chooses the natural or sustainable option.   – Tiago


Tiago is from a small town close to the capital of Uruguay where he was brought up playing music and surfing. He studied creative advertising in Montevideo and is particularly good with film and Adobe Premiere Pro. He has been travelling the world for the last two years, speaks at least two more languages than me, he loves cooking, surfing and Harry Potter movies. He works as a surf instructor in Dunedin during the New Zealand summer which is where we first met. Tiago is extremely musically talented and can sing and play just about all my favourite songs on guitar. He is the best person to travel alongside because he sees each day as a new adventure and becomes best mates with everyone he meets.   –  Ellen

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